Here we are again! The holiday season is upon us, and for most of us that means family, food, and shopping! And quite a lot of it. It seems that each year those Black Friday special deals are promoted earlier and earlier, so much so that you can’t even keep track of when to get what.

small business owners in front of shop

As much as I am an avid Black Friday shopper, I have recently found more enjoyment (and money savings) in Small Business Saturday. In just eight short years, this day has become an American shopping tradition. Well-known credit card company American Express® kicked off Small Business Saturday back in 2010 and has invested greatly towards its success, turning the day into a game-changer for small, local businesses during the holiday season. Here are some quick reasons to shop local this bargaining season!

  •  Personal Experience- Shopping local creates a more fun, personable experience. Business owners are usually directly connected to every employee and know the business as much as running it. You can usually sample or try on items prior to purchases. Who doesn’t love a great time?
  • Embraces Your Community- What else gives your community its flare - other than each individual business that occupies it? You can get food or drinks from chain restaurants all across America, but there is NOWHERE else you can get that signature coffee from the mom-and-pop shop down the street. Or more importantly for my fashionistas - that blouse is one of a kind!
  • Improve Your Local Economy- When you purchase local, a significantly larger amount of money stays in your community. A study has showed that for every $100 dollars spent at a local business, $68 dollars remained in the city, while only $43 remained from a chained retailer.*

At Rhinebeck Bank, we strongly support our customers and all local business in the Hudson Valley. We eat, drink, shop, and conduct business locally everyday, all year. On this special shopping day, we encourage everyone to enjoy their Saturday supporting their neighbors and experiencing what we already know- how amazing the Hudson Valley truly is!

For special deals and promotions happening in your community, visit the following chamber of commerce sites!

Dutchess County-

Orange County-

Ulster County-

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Stefania Riccitelli

Digital Marketing Coordinator