Having Merchant Services allows your business to accept customer debit and credit card payments (including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, etc) at point of sale transactions. With debit and credit cards being a major spending preference among customers today, there are several benefits to consider:

Increased Customer Satisfaction: Today’s consumer enjoys freedom and flexibility more than ever. Providing your customers with several options of accepted payment, including credit cards and debit cards – not just checks, cash, or gift cards -  gives them more control over how they spend their money, as well as increased satisfaction. There’s also a convenience factor; if your customer forgot their cash at home, offering Merchant Services at your business allows them to make a purchase right away without leaving your establishment to visit an ATM. “Cash only” establishments could potentially lose business when customers only have their debit or credit card on them and choose to seek services elsewhere as a result.

Potentially more sales? Many studies have found that consumers spend more when given the option to use cards over cash. Additionally, research from Community Merchants USA noted that in a recent survey, 83% of small businesses that began accepting credit cards saw an increase in sales. Having Merchant Services could potentially help your bottom line while also adding customer convenience! (communitymerchantsusa.com/ )

Your business’ online presence: People are relying on the Internet more and more to do their shopping. Without the ability to accept debit card and credit card payments, you might be missing out on part of your market if your business industry warrants online commerce. Having Merchant Services and receiving payments online allows your business to stay competitive while reaching customers who aren’t visiting retail stores.

Avoid certain types of fraud? By using or accepting electronic payments with Merchant Services, your business can avoid the hassle and costs associated with bounced checks or counterfeit currency.

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Amanda Diamond

Retail/Marketing Coordinator