First Friday Poughkeepsie is an event that has been described as a “movement” for the City of Poughkeepsie! It’s is a city-wide celebration held on the first Friday of every month from 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. First Friday Poughkeepsie aims to increase awareness of the City and showcase it as a thriving, safe, and attractive place to live and do business. First Friday Poughkeepsie takes place monthly from April to October each year.

Here’s why YOU should attend:  People enjoying First Friday event

Because your support means a lot to our local businesses – First Friday Poughkeepsie was created to help stimulate the local economy and it has thus far! Local businesses are thrilled to take part in First Friday Poughkeepsie… why?, because of your support! These businesses depend on locals spending money at their establishments; and what better way than to kick off an event each month to encourage people to enjoy a night of fun at First Friday Poughkeepsie then head out for dinner or drinks afterwards?!

Because the seeing the city thrive is what it’s all about -  First Friday Poughkeepsie’s intention is to bring awareness to the City of Poughkeepsie and to all the greatness it has to offer! Along with #PKGO, First Friday Poughkeepsie showcases a fun, safe, attractive, place for people to experience this event each month. By creating this atmosphere, the city thrives. 

Because it’s FREE! – Yes! You heard it correctly! First Friday Poughkeepsie is a free event open to the public! The event brings all communities and cultures together to enjoy the city-wide event! Everyone is welcome to enjoy a night of fun at First Friday Poughkeepsie. 

Because of the VIBE – It’s like no other! You can feel the energy! The crowd is filled with hundreds of people all with different backgrounds and experiences, truly enjoying themselves together. You can smell the delicious food in the air, and the music around you is entertaining and captivating. To really understand it, you have to experience it firsthand. 

Because of the Food, Art and the Music – First Friday Poughkeepsie features delicious eats, incredible artist works, and entertainment of all kinds. Depending on the theme of the event and the vendors, each event is vastly different. You will be amazed with the variety each and every time you attend.

Haven’t been to a First Friday Poughkeepsie event? Now’s your chance to attend. With only a few events* left for 2018, be sure to check one out. You can find all the details at

We’ll see you there!  

*First Friday is brought to you by Rhinebeck Bank, LCS Facility Group, and R.L. Baxter Building Corporation.

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