There are many reasons why a business, whether old or new, may need to borrow. They may need liquid cash to make it through seasonally slow periods, or they may be getting so much business that they need to purchase extra inventory in order to keep up with demand. They may want to relocate, or purchase a second location.

Rhinebeck Bank offers a variety of commercial lending products to fit the needs of our local businesses. Our Commercial Lending Team will recommend the right product after a formal credit interview to determine the needs of the business.

A few of our Commercial Lending products include:

  • Term Loans: Business loans often used to help finance the acquisition of equipment, vehicles and other fixed assets. In addition, these loans can be used for permanent working capital needed to expand your business.
  • Lines of Credit: A solution for short-term borrowing needs of a business. A business owner can easily use a line of credit to access funds to finance accounts receivables, purchase inventory, take advantage of seasonal opportunities and alleviate temporary cash flow shortages.
  • Commercial Mortgages: Mortgage financing used to purchase and refinance commercial real estate properties. In addition, construction mortgages are available to improve existing properties or develop new sites.
  • US Small Business Administration (SBA): Loan programs backed by the US Government are attractive to start up or growing businesses.

Now that we know there are plenty of options to borrow, how does borrowing affect your business?

Credit Building
There is such a thing as business credit which is credit history that exists solely in the business name and is separate from the business owner's personal credit. Borrowing money establishes business credit because the lender reports timely payments to credit bureaus that maintain a credit profile of the company.

Debt Encourages Discipline
While you wouldn’t take on debt just to increase your discipline, you can consider it a positive side effect of taking on debt. The incentive to improve every dollar may fade when you have a lot of cash on hand. With cash sitting around, it’s easy for spending to expand from necessities to non-essentials. When cash is tight, however, the bar for spending is set higher because each decision and transaction must be financially justifiable.

Please see the Commercial Lending tab on our website for additional lending products offered.

*Rhinebeck Bank, Member FDIC. All loans subject to credit approval.

David Curry

 AVP, Community Lender

David Curry - Community Lender