I truly treasure my annual summer vacation with my family! It’s something I look forward to each and every year! For some of us it’s a house in North or South Carolina, or a trip to the jersey shore, and for others it’s a once in a lifetime trip to Disney, the Caribbean or even Europe! Wherever your trip takes you this summer, start saving now so you can spend later.

Here are five tips to help you start saving for summer… vacations! photo - Family enjoying the beach

1. Come up with a goal– Setting a specific goal will help you stay on track and can help you feel more accomplished as you get closer to it.

2. Create a budget – Being aware of your monthly income and expenses will help you understand exactly how much you can save, while keeping you focused.  

3. Curb unnecessary spending – Keep a visual reminder of your goal in your wallet. This reminder might help you curb some of your unnecessary expenses. 

4. Set up automatic transfers – Set up a recurring automatic transfer from your checking account to your savings account to save effortlessly.

5.      Open a dedicated savings account – If you can, open a separate account for your specific goal. This can decrease the risk of accidentally spending your vacation savings during your regular day-to-day spending.

Once you’ve hit your goal… CELEBRATE!!! Take that vacation you saved for and enjoy every minute of it!

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Michelle Barone-Lepore

SVP, Marketing

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