I’m always out and about in public and often get recognized as “the face” of Rhinebeck Bank’s weekly talk show, “Wake Up with Rhinebeck Bank.” The show features community leaders, business owners, and heads of local non-profits, while sharing information that educates the public about our local area and banking.

Once we get past the, “HEY! You’re the person on that show” moment they usually want to learn more about the Bank. The one thing people always want to know is: Why should I bank at Rhinebeck Bank? Here’s what I tell them:

1. We’re a community bank– Our goals are always set with the Hudson Valley in mind. We employ people who live here and want nothing more than to help our local area, often volunteering in their communities. Believe it or not, if you Bank with us, YOU play a vital role in the success of our community too. Your business allows Rhinebeck Bank to add jobs to the work force and give back to the Hudson Valley community by donating to local causes and events like First Friday Poughkeepsie.

2. We’re educators – We focus on educating customers like you about what products and services are out there so that you can make the best decision for your personal finances. We care about our customers, and we want you to have good information in order to make wise decisions rather than just selling you products to meet our sales goals.

3. We’re friendly – We offer a great customer experience with a personal touch. We know our customers and help them with their needs. We build relationships and make sure you’re never just a number to us.

4. We’re local-minded – We are all local residents which means we always have our local communities in mind. We understand what our area needs. This local, personal knowledge allows us to better advise small business owners and ultimately, all of our customers.

I don’t just talk the talk, I truly believe there is a major benefit to banking with a community bank, especially Rhinebeck Bank. Consider banking with us by checking out our products here. You can always ask me more about why you should bank with us and I will gladly share my thoughts! And if you’re already a customer, we thank you for your business, and we thank you for helping your local community!

(Member FDIC)

Michelle Barone-Lepore

SVP, Marketing

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