When it comes to how people prefer to use, or not use, the latest banking technology, there are well-worn stereotypes out there based on your age and what generation label comes with that age. For example, seniors (i.e.: the “Greatest Generation” - born in the early 20th Century) avoid technology and prefers going to their local bank branch to conduct transactions or for advice. Baby Boomers are willing to try technology, but still prefer to use branches when possible. Generation X is rather tech-savvy – they enjoy the convenience of online banking, for example. Millennials and “Gen Z”, who were born into a world of instant access and on-the-go information (courtesy of smartphones), prefer banks that have a robust mobile app over having to conduct business via a bank branch.

Research has proven some of these stereotypes to hold true, while others have been crushed altogether.  Here are some ways that banking technology can be used to make your financial life easier and more manageable, regardless of your age:

If you’re a Baby Boomer who may still prefer going to a branch, trying a mobile app may free you from needless car trips, waiting in lines at the bank and more!  From reviewing account balances and checking your transaction history to paying bills and depositing checks, our Mobile Banking App puts control of your finances (literally) in the palm of your hand!

For seniors that may have physical or transportation limitations that prevent them from getting to their local bank branch as often as they used to, but still want to have access to their account records and conduct basic transactions, Online Banking gives them a secure, accessible means to maintain control of their finances and do so from the comfort of their home.  That includes such things as paying their bills online, getting e-statements, reordering checks and more!

For Millennials and younger mobile banking users, we understand that every minute counts – we think so too!  If you’re an Apple®* device user, a product like Touch ID®* can save you time by using your fingerprint to log into Rhinebeck Bank Mobile Banking.  Gaining this sort of biometric proof provides greater security as well!

Those of us that fall into the Generation X category, especially those with children and young adults at home, may have already embraced technology when it comes to their banking, but need to gain a little more control over family spending, may find something like SecurLOCK™ mobile app valuable.  It’s also another great tool to help prevent fraud related to your accounts!

As you can see, today’s banking technology can address a number of different needs that customers of all different ages may have throughout their lives.  We welcome you to stop by your local Rhinebeck Bank branch or visit our website to learn more about the technology we offer our personal and business customers and be on the lookout for future announcements regarding new tech-related products and services

*Apple and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.

Patrick Hickey

Marketing and Communications Coordinator