It’s the time of the year to look back on the past year, reflect on our successes, and find areas where we can improve. While developing your personal resolutions, it is wise to come up with some career resolutions as well.

There is no substitution for doing your job well. In order to succeed in your career you must have the skills and knowledge to do your job efficiently and correctly. That said, attitude goes a long way. Most people would much rather work with a competent person who is a pleasure to work with over a miserable superstar any day.

So here are some things you can resolve to do in the New Year in order to be successful both in your career and in your office relationships.

Happy New Year from Rhinebeck Bank!

Be a good communicator
If you're working on a project, ask yourself who needs to know about it, and then keep them in the loop. Try to think a step or two ahead in order to anticipate how things may go and prepare for potential problems. When someone helps you, say “thank you”. Don't leave people waiting for answers either. Return emails promptly so that others can carry on with their own projects.

Be proactive
Think about how you can go above and beyond. Come up with ideas, and/or make recommendations when you have them – even if it isn’t for your own project. If you know someone is going to be out, volunteer to cover for them, even if it’s only in the smallest way. Every little bit helps. Furthermore, take the initiative to expand your knowledge and skill set. Doing more than the bare minimum is appreciated and goes a long way to help you grow and advance.

Be positive
Having a positive outlook is integral to a successful organization. Projecting a positive image and energy helps boost the mood and morale of those around you. If you encounter a problem, be the person looking for solutions and ideas, not the person who merely complains.

Commit to making professional improvements in 2018, and stick with those resolutions. Your career will thank you for it, and it might just carry over into your personal life too!

Jeanine Borko

SVP, Human Resources

Jeanine Borko - Headshot