In our very own back yard, the Hudson Valley is a melting pot of different universities and colleges with students from near and far who will beginning classes in just a few short weeks! Learn how to build your bank account this semester with a few simple, yet effective tips, courtesy of Rhinebeck Bank! We can show you how to make the most of campus activities, supplies, and food spending!

college students driving in car

1. Books: Instead of purchasing those $200+ textbooks, look into renting textbooks for the semester or utilizing your school’s library. Study with the same materials at no additional cost!

2. Meal Plans: Dollars allocated for dining are usually not meant just for food. Additional funds could be used for other necessities, such as toiletries. If you’re not sure how the funding works at your school, be sure to ask your student accounts office!

3. Coffee Stops: With all the studying, we know you are going to need a caffeine fix.  Skip the drive-through and stay a while. Many coffee shops offer free refills and Wi-Fi. Get your studying done with all the coffee you need!

4. Scholarships: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take! In many cases, a $500 scholarship only requires as simple essay for submissions.

5. Student Activities: College campuses are always sponsoring different student events, which normally are free or only cost a cheap fee. They’re a great way to have fun, socialize, and save.

6. Work/ Work Study: Look into part-time jobs during school that offer great benefits, such as a gym membership, or look into the work study program at your school which you can use to cover room and board or some tuition.

7. Take Advantage of Discounts: Many local businesses and organizations will have student discounts for subscriptions, movie tickets, food, or clothing! Typically, all you need to show is a student I.D and you can usually save anywhere from 10-15% off.

8. Transportation: Save on gas by utilizing your campus shuttle to make that grocery store or pharmacy run.

9. Loan Interest: Start paying off your student loans ASAP. Paying even the minimum payment can still help you prevent your compound interest from accumulating.

10.  Open a Savings Account: A savings account gives you a place to deposit income from home, work, or scholarships and loans. This will keep your money in a secure place and even help you budget better!

Regardless of whether you  are entering college for the first semester or preparing to be a senior, there are countless ways to save some money this year! If you would like to start saving those dollars, let Rhinebeck Bank help you with getting you started on your savings account!


Stefania Riccitelli

Digital Marketing Coordinator