Starting in the morning, one of my favorite places to eat is Bread Alone, a quaint little restaurant with both classic and unique menu options.  One of my personal favorites is the avocado toast.  There is also Rhinebeck Bagels & Café, The Matchbox Café, and more.  Once you have finished your breakfast, you can walk around, find some stores that interest you and then make your bank visit.  A popular store is the local sweets shop that is owned by Paul Rudd and Hilarie Burton , Samuel’s Sweet Shop.  They have amazing coffee, tea, a large collection of old-fashioned treats and delicious baked goods.  Once you have enjoyed the many local stores and fit in your bank visit, you’ll be close to lunch time, and that is when even more options open up.  There is a possibility of almost any type of food, whether it is Thai, Indian, American, French or Italian.  Yelp is a great resource to use to fine tune your choice and make sure you aren’t missing out on any hidden gems.  Once you are ready to head out of Rhinebeck, you can make some stops along the way.  If you are headed south, you will come across some amazing parks.  One of my favorites is the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt.  The entire property is unbelievable, from the houses and the museum to the land and the view from the house, and the walking and driving paths.  There is also the historic Vanderbilt Mansion, which is nothing shy of amazing.  If you’re looking for more of a nature walk, there is the Margaret Lewis Norrie State Park, which has several scenic trails.  If you’re headed north, you’ll come across Red Hook, another charming town that is home to another one of our branches.  If you are headed West, you will come across the Ashokan Reservoir, part of the Catskill Forest Preserve, and Woodstock, a very unique town that has a lot to offer, from locally-owned stores, even more restaurants and a music and cultural scene that is one of a kind!   

We know that making a bank visit is not always an exciting thought, but hopefully we’ve given you other activities to fill your day and you’ll be a little more excited to get out and explore the Hudson Valley! 

Rhinebeck Bank Staff